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[Rel] New Intro Movie "The Battle of The Atlantic"

Hi everyone, Ive been a long time member of this forum (since SH2 was in its heyday) and even though I havent posted that often, I visit this forum regularly.

I, like many of you, very much appreciate the work that modders do to make this a better game. Otherwise my copy of SH3 would be uninstalled and sitting on the shelf.

Now, because of this I always felt the need to contribute in some way to this outstanding subsim community but my question was "what could I mod that has not already been modded before? Sooner or later I settled on the intro movie for Silent Hunter 3. Yea, you know the intro movie right? Thats the beginning cartoonish CGI sequence that was pretty cool the first time you watched it but now you, like everyone else hit Escape so you can start playing. Well (hopefully) no more!!!

What I have done is create a NEW intro movie. " What kind of movie is this?" You ask? Well, I dont want to spoil anything but this is intended for the SH3 enthusiast. Consider yourself an enthusiast if you have mods like GWX, Church's OBS scope, various sound mods etc. If you have these things and love SH3 now as much as I do then this Intro Movie is just for YOU!!!
Actually this should have been released about a month ago but as I dont have a constant internet connection and had to make some changes I'm finally releasing today. Ive seen alot of user made movies and I like this one alot and Ive watched it 300+ times while creating it. So what are you waiting for, Go and Get It

Installation instructions:
1 Click on the link below and download the file
2 Extract to your Silent Hunter 3 MODS folder
3 Use JGSME to enable the mod

A quick word of note. This file is larger and (considerably)longer than the default intro movie. I wanted to make something thats really going to get you into the mood to play some Silent Hunter 3. Because this file plays before the game files themselves are actually loaded it is, of course, compatible with any installation setup you may have, plus its JGSME ready. So download, fire up GWX, or whatever your particular installtion, and enjoy.

Lastly, I would very much appreciate you guys' feedback on this and like I said above I dont have a constant connection to the internet at my place so I only check back here every week or two. So if you have a question or comment just leave it here (hopefully this thread will remain up top) and when I get "back from patrol" in a week or two I answer any questions or comments you may have. Enjoy!!!!
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