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Default German Whizz Weel in Flash and exe available

Dear Kaleuns

Thanks to Hitman's templates from the German Whizz wheel (found here) , I have created a flash version which you can view here. Please be patient if you don't see the wheel straight away, it's 1,13 megabyte, so give it time to load.

The wheels can be turned by clicking and holding the the mouse on the very transparent buttons found on the wheels (those that change your mousepointer from a pointer to a dragging hand) and dragging them around.

The front/back button is obvious.

Now if someone can make a decent tutorial, on how to use this thing, it would be grand.

for those who want the offline version in exe format it can be found
here (1.88 meg). Don't worry its virus free.

Edited and Corrected thanks to Woof1701: Gute Fahrt und Fette Beute
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