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Thanks mates for all words!
At least a small gift for 16km users:

Alert Sonarman for GWX 16km.

From the readme:

April 21, 2007.

This is the tweaked Sonarman (Sensors.dat) for GWX 16km.

Inside you have two Sensors.dat versions.
The first file is less responsive and the second one (with plus in the name) is more responsive.

Note that the goal here is to make your sonarman a bit less deaf (the player yet can listen far away than the sonarman) and also more wakeful and smart.
Itīs possible to make the sonarman listen at any distance and very quickly. But we need a compromise. in RL the single ships were detected by hidrophone at 16 - 18km max. The convoys from 50 - 80km away (in good conditions)!.

But sadly SH3 engine donīt make any difference between a single fish boat and a convoy. So If we make the sonarman listen too away this will become odd with single small contacts issue. Then, I chose a middle ground around 22km, also to not make your hydrophone uber (for example RWR have 30-35km and visual have 16km "FOV").

The hydrophones have now slight better perfomace (distance) as the war advance. Itīs now one more reason to make upgrades.

When pursuing a convoy could be a good idea to listen on hydrophones by yourself. The game allows you to listen until 34km away. After you come close enough (more or less 22km from the convoy) you can leave the work with your now smart sonarman.
For single contacts you can always leave the job with the sonarman.
This will mantain the game balance IMHO (those odd SH3 limitations) and in a more realistic way, without an "always" uber hydrophone if I make the sonarman listen always at 34km for example!
Anyway your feedback is the most important thing to make this yet better.

This is not JSGME ready.
Itīs GWX 16km compatible only.
(The 8km users must use the Stay Alert crew fix mod)
The changes are only on some Hydrophones settings. Nothing more was changed.
Rename the desired file to Sensors.dat and replace the original GWX 1.03 patched one on your data\library folder (make a backup of the original file first and relocate it to another folder)

Good hunting!

One gamer's must-have mod is another gamer's waste of time.
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