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Below is a list I made based on dev notes that describes what the different environmental settings do. I tried to simplify and clarify some things on this list. The list is not complete, but contains a description of most environmetal settings. I hope modders will find this list helpful when modding environmental effects :

ChangeTimeMin: The minimum time after which the random wind changes

ChangeTimeMax: The maximum time after which the random wind changes

RandomWindSpeedMax: The maximum intensity of the random wind

RandomWindSpeedVariationSpeed: The speed of intensity change for random wind

RandomWindHeadingVariationSpeed: The speed of heading change for random wind

DropsNumber: Total number of rain drops

FallSpeed: Rain drop fall speed

RainIntensityChangeSpeed: The speed of change for rain intensity

MinSize: Rain drop minimum size

MaxSize: Rain drop maximum size

HeadColor: The color of the start of the drop

HeadAlpha: The alpha of the start of the drop

TailColor: The color of the end of the drop

TailAlpha: The alpha of the end of the drop

OverHorizon: Angle (in degrees) over the horizon when a celestial object will start to set or end to rise

UnderHorizon: Angle (in deg) under the horizon when a celestial object will start to rise or end to set

LightOverHorizon: Percent of the sun light decreasing over the horizon

SunAltitudeAngleScale: 0 .. 1 The angle between the sun and the horizon is multiplied with this value

SunReflectAngle: 0 .. 90 The angle between the sun reflect light and horizontal plane

MaxUnderwaterSunLightAngle: 0 .. 90 The maximum angle between the sun and horizontal plane during night

SunHaloStartFade, SunHaloEndFade, SunHaloReflectionStartFade: -90 .. 90 The angle between the sun and the horizon where the halo starts to fade

SunHaloReflectionFade: -90 .. 90 The angle between the sun and the horizon where the halo becomes invisible

SkyObjRadius: Celestial objects radius (distance) relative to camera position

SunRadius: Sun radius (in meters)

MoonRadius: Moon radius (in meters)

StarsRadius: Stars radius (in meters)

StartWindSpeed, StartWindHeading, EndWindSpeed: Wind speed (in meters/second)

EndWindHeading: 0 - 360, 0 = North

WindHeadingChangeSpeed: The current wind heading changes to the target heading with this speed

WindSpeedChangeSpeed: The current wind speed changes to the target wind speed with this speed. The waves properties for different wind speeds

Water Scale X,Y,Z: Water Scale on Z, Water Scale on Y

U: The horizontal scale

V: The height scale

Amplitude: The amplitude scale

WaterSpecularity: Water sparkle reflection parameters

Glossiness: Above water glossiness (128)

Intensity: Above water sparkle reflection intensity (0.8)

UnderGlossiness: Underwater glossiness (12)

UnderIntensity: Under water sparkle reflection intensity (1.8)

FresnelCoef: Fresnel Reflection coefficient

LargeWavesArmonics: Supress large waves first movement

LargeWavesCoef: Large waves suppression coefficient

SeaSpeed: The speed of sea waves movement

ReflIntensity: Above water reflection intensity (1)

ReflBias: Above water reflection bias (0)

WindCoef: The wind coef used for surface bump movement speed

StartFog: Start fog type 0..4

EndFog__enum{FogNone,FogLight,FogMedium,FogHeavy}: End fog type 0..4

FogChangeSpeed: Change speed for fog type


ObjectsRelativeZMin, ObjectsRelativeZMax, UnderwaterObjectsRelativeZMin, UnderwaterObjectsRelativeZMax, CloudsRelativeZMin, CloudsRelativeZMax, SkyYMin, SkyYMax, SeaRelativeZMin, SeaRelativeZMax, YScaleForFog: The Y(height) component of the vertex position is multiplied with this value before fog distance computation on clouds

SeaFoam: Sea foam settings

UseSlope: If true take into consideration edge angles when computing wave peaks, otherwise consider only relative height

IncreaseSpeed: The new foam is generated with this speed

DecreaseSpeed: Existing foam is destroyed with this speed

IncreaseAngleMin: The wave peak angle where we start to increase the foam quantity

IncreaseAngleMax: The wave peak angle where the increase speed is maximum

TextureScale: Foam texture scale coeff

MaskTextureScale: Foam mask texture scale coeff

WindSpeed___AnimationSpeed__Sky: Sky parameters for different sun azimuth angles. The angles start from 90 degrees (zenith) and vary with a 15 degrees step to -90 degrees

SunRelativeSize: 1.0f is normal size, the sun is larger at sunrise/sunset

SkyTextureIndex: Textures are arranged in column major order. -1 means no texture at this position

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