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Originally Posted by clayp
Most of the mods I have looked at don't have any installation instructions,how are you supposed to know where to put them?.....
In the Silent Hunter 4 directory we all have
Data\* (this is the modable portion of the game)
MODS\* (we all created this one - JSGME will create if it does not exist)
JSGME.EXE (we all downloaded this and put it here)
JSGME.EXE is the program that manages and installs mods

Everything is relative.

If a MOD changes Data\Cfg\Commands.cfg then it is packaged as


and placed in MODS so you have

When you use JSGME to Install "MyUooberMod1.1",
is copied to Data\Cfg\Commands.cfg
(after the original is backed up).
So, the mod is now active the next time you play.

Using JSGME, you can then later uninstall the mod.

Download JSGME (Generic Mod Enabler) here

Hope this helps.

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