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I made an additional version of the 'full' version of the Merchant Ship pack for Onealex (without searchlights)

- This new version removes all the searchlights from all merchants including Allied capital warships (Battleships/Battle Cruisers, Carriers, Heavy Cruisers, Light Cruisers and Axillary Cruiser) Liners, Transports, Tankers, Cargo ships and Coastal merchants.

- Also changes done to tonnage of some ships like Medium Merchant 39 and 40 that were around 6000 tons being a 115m long ship was exaggerated they are now around 4000 tons each, I also brought down the Large Fast Merchant from 12,000 tons to 10,000 tons.

If you see any vessels that have searchlights in your patrols that are not escort warships/patrol craft then let me know so I can correct for next time but i'm pretty sure I got them all or mostly all of them.

Install Instructions
Download the Merchant ship pack full (without searchlights) and copy it to the 'MODS' folder, enable with JSGME. Only load it before starting a new patrol, never add/remove the submod in the middle of a patrol or it may cause your save game to be corrupt.

Download Link!Apf4S8iaE41MhqF0...X0VJQ?e=fNIxax
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