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Originally Posted by Stew U-582 View Post
hi I have win 7 running and have been enjoying SH5 Wolves of steel for quite some time until today when I discovered UbiSoft Connect no longer works with win 7. Before realising this I tried reinstalling assuming it was a problem with SH5 not Ubisoft Connect. After making a mess of things I'm now looking at having to do a clean install of both UbiSoft Connect and SH5. Can anybody advise if there is a work around or fix of some type, I really dont want to have to update to win 10.
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I actually just had this same issue. In the Ubi Connect folder where the upc exe is should be a backup file called upcold.exe or something. Make that the new upc.exe, and save it in case of future Ubisoft updates.
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