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Originally Posted by Stinger22 View Post

So with my torps deplete headed back to Midway to rearm and continue my patrol. Funny thing happened there too. I hit the rearm/refuel then checked and only my reserves had been reloaded. Even though I had automatic reload checked. I had to drag a torp over to a tube and then they started loading them and I had to rearm my reserves again.

Any ideas?
since no one addressed this, i'll jump into the shark-infested waters.

the behaviour you describe occurs when your tubes are empty, even if you have auto-load set "on". it is an unexpected, Ubi feature. you applied the proper fix after performing a very important task: confirming that you received the reload of ammo that you were expecting.
never forget that this is an UBI game and all illogic is in play.

also, be aware that not all damage is repaired/repairable when you refit away from Home Base. you may receive verbal and text messages that a piece of equipment has been repaired however there are a number of pieces of undocumented equipment that can be damaged and you are never told about it and can only be repaired when you dock at Home Base and the mission is ended.

good luck, Herr Kaleun!

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