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Originally Posted by propbeanie View Post
The stock SH4 game is like that from day one:

... / ...

Of more importance to that ship is the UnitType=109 lines in the Roster cfg file (left) and the Sea folder (right), as compared to what the Type= lines are in the mis files for it:

Again, that is the stock game with the UnitType=109, whereas it looks like KSDII has it set at UnitType=103.

There are several other ships in the Stock game like that, including the player submarine Porpoise. Not confusing at all to see all of the different file names in a folder, now is it?... lol

Thanks Propbeanie for your response.

Yes, you are right about the mismatch of the Roster's _.cfg File Types and NPL_Conte_Verde.cfg.

About the different names of the ship EuroLiner – Conte Verde I already knew about it from the beginning.
But I apologize for expressing myself badly about the textures.
Admit that looking for the disruptive element(s) in the UK_HarborTrafic.mis file is very tiring to the point of not noticing the most frequent errors...
Ok I'm old!

And there Propbeanie, I am also addressing Niume.

I think that these errors which cancel the UK_HarborTrafic.mis file, then lose the reason for the Scapa Flow mission in particular and part of the elements in the career mode campaign !!!
I am aware of this KSD II ACE Edition Mod only now at version 1.4, so I do not have its history.
I'm surprised that so far no one has noticed this issue.

Well, I'm not just a critic, I bring my little contribution if it interests you.

So I said that the textures could not be taken into account from the orders of the _.cfg of the Roster, Because in the file /Sea/NPL_Conte_Verde/EuroLiner.dat the textures were ordered according to the SH III format

Clic below Thumbnail N°1

I was really tired, because really these are only for the Platform added to the front. But why have the EuroLiner.dat file been weighed down by a series of SH III format textures, when textures already exist. Just assign the Platform the texture T01 to Platform.obj and O01 to Platform-uv2.obj like below...

Clic below Thumbnail Capture T01 ... O01 ... 01bis

P.S. :I am not responsible for the choice of artillery
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