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wolf_howl15 Merchant Fleet mod (Onealex mod version)

First and foremost credits go out to Iambecomelife, Alex B and Rowi58 for their ship models and to Von Dos, CapZap and Fifi for their hard work and contributions to the mod. There is two versions of this mod, one that's a 'full version' (over 80 merchant ships) and a 'lite version' (over 40 merchant ships) for those who have long loading times or older computers. CapZap redone all the recognition manual pictures which are a big improvement from the previous version of the mod that had dark silhouette pictures for the MFM ships. Von Dos measured every single MFM ship model from their .dat files and gave me the corrected dimensions for the length, draft and mast which I corrected accordingly based on his findings. Also searchlights were removed from all capital warships (battleships, carriers, heavy, light & axillary cruisers) and merchants (liners, troop transports, oilers & tankers, freighters and cargo ships), the only vessels that have searchlights are escorts (destroyers, frigates, corvettes & sloops) and coastal patrol craft/warships. This will make engagements and convoy battles much more realistic and historical when you play.

This is only to be played with the Onealex mod compilation or GWX 3.0 gold as they are the ones I tested this with and I can't guarantee compatibility with other mega mods. I completed several patrols during every year of the war with various U-boat types and all seemed fine sinking many different ships from it, its stable save-wise and the 'lite' version adds 1-1.5 mins and the 'full' adds 2-2.5 minutes to your patrol load up time. If people feel the Onealex compilation has enough ships as it is then that's fine and totally understandable if you don't want to use this.
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Install instructions
Simply download the Community units addon folder and copy it to the 'MODS' folder, enable with JSGME. Only load it at base before starting a new patrol, never add/remove the submod in the middle of a patrol or it may cause your save game to be corrupt.

Merchant ship pack for Onealex mod (Full version) -!Apf4S8iaE41Mh7pW...FP4bw?e=pw10Mh Uploaded Dec 23/2023
Merchant ship pack for Onealex mod (Lite version) -!Apf4S8iaE41Mh81m...VqkWA?e=hdKqEu Uploaded Dec 23/2023

Ship names file so it gives names of sunken ships in your patrol log of SH3Commander
Add to your SH3 commander Eng/Cfg folder and overwrite -!Apf4S8iaE41MhfMR...Vuwqg?e=xtPTbA
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