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Originally Posted by skin-nl View Post

Will there be a physical release with a big user guide?

The game looks very awesome...definitely a must buy for me

Since we are old timers like others in this forum, seeing MNW on a printed version "even a limited one" is like a dream to come true. Getting a hard copy in hand and waiting to check out the contents inside it was the real magic, even the printed label of the floppies was cool to see.

But believe it or not, the decision to a printable version of MNW means a delay in the release from 1 to 6 months depending on various reasons (the size of the book is one of the many).
Furthermore, the publisher might take the initiative to create a printed limited edition after release only if he is absolutely sure that a specific amount of copies are sold for sure else the initiative won't be profitable to him.

Is there a way to make a poll on this thread?

Should a MNW printed version be released?

a. I don't care about papers and boxes just give MNW to the people.
b. If there is a printed version in the day of release I might buy it.
c. I would definitely wait for the additional days for the printed release.
d. Are you serious, I would buy limited edition even a year after release.
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