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radar Uniforms: U.S. Navy utilities (dungarees) in WWII

While enjoying the mods I'm using (and appreciating the rest), I thought some discussion over authenticity might be in order. Being third gen USN (grandfather WWII era, father VietNam era, self 1981-1987) there's not too much I've missed, regarding what was worn. Never the less, I scoured the web to see if there were exceptions I missed. For the most part, it confirmed what I know.

There were no rank insignia displayed on dungarees no matter what rank involved.

All the images above should either be pictures or artwork depicting the common sailor in dungarees during WWII. No rank markings. After WWII crows began to be applied to dungarees (iron ons during my and my dad's time in). They were on the left sleeve, only one. E-1, E-2 and E-3 (Seaman Recruit, Seaman Apprentice and Seaman) were finally differentiated with shoulder hashes but only on dress uniforms. Prior to that, those ranks were only indicated by a white shoulder stripe on dress blues and a black one on the whites.

Post WWII crow use:

Chiefs wore dungarees as their working uniform at sea. The only indicator of their rank was their Chief's hat (which was more than enough):

This surprises me, however. I ran across a picture of officers in dungarees:

Sand pebbles depicted USN uniforms of the 1920s accurately:

I only mention this because many here are interested in authenticity but some might not be aware of the changes from WWII to 1987 (lots of things are different now from the time I served:

(Navy working uniform - type 1)

(Navy 'Charlies')

As mentioned earlier, I enjoy and appreciate the mods offered on SubSim. I'm currently enjoying FOTRSU very much and the uniforms aren't a deal breaker and far be it for me to be hyper critical when I don't create mods
(beyond my pay grade). Just throwing this out there because it seems these details are not known to some here (or maybe this detail isn't a deal breaker for most here).

- Jay aka Arlo aka Matt T Sherman
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