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The english and german keyboards have been adapted in greater depth to play LSH2020 with DGUI 1920x1080.
Now all the features are functional and compatible between the DGUI and LSH2020 for the 2 keyboards, english and german !
And all mouse commands from the officers' shortcuts (bottom left) work

Here is a small summary : (F1 Help in game eng and ger modified too) :

-Mouse Right Clic (or Num 0) = go back camera
(when you are on the deck right clic and you go in the tower and another right clic you go to command room)

-Mouse Right clic (when you are in command room) = Free Camera, you can moove free full interior the uboat

-Enter = normal Time Compression x1

-Ctrl+ Enter = Fire torpedo (it avoids accidental firing when using the TC)

-shift+D = crew on deck
-Ctrl + D = crew under deck

-Shift + G = man on Falk Guns
-Ctrl +G = man on Deck Gun

-shift+L = identify target
-Ctrl+ L = solution target

- T = enslave TDC on/off

-Ctrl+C = depth under keel

-shift+mouse wheel (at H view) = up or down hydrophon volume
-mouse wheel = to use hydrophon precisely
-mouse wheel at radar view (R) = to use radar precisely - very helpful to find a radar contact !

-O= return to course

-Shift + O = full rise Obs periscope
-Ctrl + O = full down Obs periscope
-inser = rise Obs periscope
-del = down Obs periscope

-CTRL + Mouse wheel (at F3, Uzo, Obs, Binoculars) = optional with this command you can zoom and adjust as you wish (from x0 to max zoom x12 at F3, x6 at Obs, x10 at uzo and binoculars )

To get all this, just re-download the mod, link in post 1 :

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