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Default Ahnenerbe_WS-GUI_1920x1080_for_LSH3_2020_ProPo



1- copy your sh3.exe (already patched with h.sie) and
paste it in this mod.

2-launch "FullMapAndChronoPatch.bat" to patch sh3.exe

3-then activate this mod with jsgme.

Ahnenerbe_WS-GUI_1920x1080_for_LSH3_2020_ProPo is a proposal widegui to play LSH2020 in 1920x1080 !
Propo = Proposal, it is not an official and approved mod by the LSH team.

We used the Ahnenerbe base model adapted for CCOM12 by Wurmonkel.

Contents :

-All 15 cards and game aids of LSH2020 are present. (visible to F5 card and radio messages screen)
-All LSH2020 loading screens are present.
-The tycho's full map F5 is present.
-The tycho's draggable functional chronometer has been added.
-The speed mark on the RAOBF disk has been corrected.
-The English and German keyboards have been adapted to play with LSH2020. shift+D and Ctrl+D for crew on deck,
shift+L identify target, Ctrl+ L solution target, Ctrl+T enslave TDC, Ctrl+C depth under keel ...
-F5 map MouseCurs have been settled
-Same zoom levels from lsh2020 for uzo, binoculars, Obs and Att Periscope.
-For best use of the raobf disks, optional possibility (with Ctrl + mouse wheel) to max zoom at x12 for Att Peri and x6 for Obs Peri.
-All deckguns munitions from LSH2020 added and functional
-O2 gauges added
-The LSH2020 logo has been added at F12 and F4 screens

Everything works very well in the Widegui.
However, there are minor visual imperfections before entering the game :
the home screen must still be reworked as well as the screen of choice for his flotilla.
(in particular data/Menu/Cgf/Menu/flotillas.cfg)
But everything works well, without problem.

This Widegui is made for players to play LSH2020 in 1920x1080 in the best conditions, it will bring you a lot of fun...
while waiting for the release of the official 1920x1080 widegui of the LSH team that will one day be proposed, we hope...

LSH Team can use this mod and the work done there for development of his official 1920x1080 LSH2020-21 widegui.

Have Fun !

Fifi and Ericlea

Ahnenerbe_WS-GUI_1920x1080_for_LSH3_2020_ProPo :

Download link :

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