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Review: HIgh production values and a worthy effort. DAS BOOT and The Enemy Below need not worry. Computer convoy graphics, oversized conning tower emblems, and periscopes always in the raised position, even during crash dives and on the surface under heavy 5'' shell fire, are a few dubious bloopers. But hey, permissible Poetic license; and I've worked on a few movie and TV productions myself to know!... the USS Kidd now in Baton Rouge is the bridge/ship set for the combat scenes and excellent as anyone who's played Destroyer Command can appreciate... A Fletcher Class destroyer still in it's WWII configuration. Tom Hanks has mastered captain roles in his many on-screen performances-same here. A solid B+ performance. Will watch again anytime. Streaming to Apple TV may have curtailed a fair assessment as the movie was intended for the big screen. So when the theaters reopen after the Covid shutdowns; off to see it again. I had seen Lawrence of Arabia and Ben Hur on the big screen again, for the first time in years, this past year at my local Cinemax and the big-screen format really is a telling factor.... which Mr Hanks effort has been unfairly deprived of. < USS KIDD drydocked at Baton Rouge LA

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