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Another example:

Today is 20 January 1943. U-Boat coordinates are 1840'N 7259'W. GMT is 18:01:30 and local time is 13:01:30 (GMT -5).
The sun is under horizon \_(ツ)_/

I can observe Moon at true azimuth 7358' and altitude 1034'

Now go to Stellarium to the same place and the same time. But to get the same position of celestial bodies it needs to take GMT +5 time.

So in real life we have this celestial bodies position at 23:01:30 GMT and in SH at 18:01:30 GMT. It should not be like that.

It looks like Real Navigation uses GMT time as a local time.

[EDIT] It happens at initial loading. If you start mission or campaign at GMT +1 time zone you should ALWAYS subtract 1 hour from GMT time. Or if you starting point at GMT -5 time zone you should always add 5 hours to GMT. So so-called "GMT" time is local time at your starting point. I checked it with transatlantic trip.

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