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Originally Posted by momps View Post
I am in the Coastal Waters of TWOs. Has anybody encountered escorts with a draft less than 1 meter? Confession, I cheated. I had missed so many destroyers that I saved just prior to firing a torpedo. I set the draft at 3 metersómiss. I reloaded the campaign and set the draft to 2 metersómiss. I reloaded a third time and set the draft to 1 meter (not easy to do), and to no availómiss. Is this a known bug?
It's not a bug, it's a feature

German torpedoes were notoriously faulty in beginning of the war and one of the problems, which I think is modeled in TWoS, was that they sometimes ran 2-3 meters deeper than set. This doesn't always happen of course, but I had similar situations testing my coastal merchants (2-3 meters draft) - about one in three torpedoes set to 1 meter missed them and went below.

Another possible problem is if you use impact detonator, torpedo has to hit more or less at right angle. If it's a glancing hit on rounded bottom of the ship, it may just bounce off without exploding.
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