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Steam really is not that much more difficult than a disk, other than there are some gotchas. I have a Steam install on all of my computers, since I only use them one at a time, so I've got Windows 7, Windows 8.1 & Windows 10, all 64-bit versions of the OS. I do not have any of the games installed in a Program Files folder. As Steam or the game is installing (dependent upon the install and computer), I alter the path such that it is not installing to a Windows "protected" folder, such as "Program Files (x86)". On the Win7 & 8.1 installs, I have "X:\Games \Steam \SteamApps \common \SilentHunter3" (no spaces - the "X" signifies either a C:, D: or whatever drive letter). I had the same path on the Windows 10 machine, but when I installed a Ubisoft UPlay SH4 on it, the UPlay offered to pull my Steam SH3 and SH5 into it. I don't know how it did it, but on the Win10 machine, I have a "C:\Ubisoft \Steam \SteamApps \common \SilentHunter3" install (again, no spaces). I can run my SH3 and SH5 games from either the Steam or UPlay menues. On each of the computers, after making the initial install, I then copy the contents of that "SilentHunter3" folder (or whatever game), and paste it into a parallel folder for my intended mod, such as "C:\Games \Steam \SteamApps \common \GWX". That is where I then do my modding. I leave the original install alone. I also use MultiSH3 in the SH3 installs so that I have separate Save game folders for each mod. Right now, I have SH3 (Stock), GWX, LSH and NYG. I do Silent Hunter 4 similarly, only I do not have a Steam SH4, but rather an original disk version, a Gold Edition disk, and a Uplay download. My Sh5 is Steam only... The only trouble I have ever had (thus far) has been seatbox issues, aka: User Error ( ). I have not had issues with GWX, or LSH in SH3, nor TWoS in SH5. From SH4, I have discovered that a lot of the issues encountered are from not handling the Save folder data properly. It ~HAS~ to be emptied more often than not when changing mods. The second most common issue is installing in a Windows "protected" folder, such as Program Files... On my Windows 7 machine, I have added the sh3.exe of each of the modded games to my Steam app menu, and then rename the shortcut to the mod name. Steam does all its checks, but it only messes with or "updates" the original install... ymmv

Edit: I did neglect mentioning that a player should match the LCD monitor's 'native' resolution, which Windows refers to as 'recommended' with the Windows resolution settings, and then setting the same resolution in the game - or if not possible, then either a double or half resolution (such as a 16:9 setting for a 16:9 display) - or if you have an older laptop that has one of the interim "odd" WXGA resolutions that are closer to 16:10, where a person might have to "noodle" with various settings, or do a "Windowed" setting in the game, with a resolution smaller but close to the screen's 'native'. This would be in addition to experimenting with the High DPI display scaling behavior setting in newer versions of Windows. Extensive experimentation might be necessary, unfortunately... As for SH5 and the TWoS mod, I have put them on probably at least a half-dozen computers over the years, and have never had issues with the display, so long as I match the monitor's 'native' resolution in Windows with the 'recommended' setting, and the SH5 install does the rest. In SH4, I have to choose the proper resolution in the game settings also. With SH3 I usually have to use a mod for that...

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