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Let's forget TWOS and see how vanilla works. First all the rewards you can get in game. They are mainly presented as different kind of points:

Renown Points - destroying enemy ships,planes. You can check it in sea or air folder, for ships or planes. Spent on upgrading your submarine in bunker.

You get them independently from missions or campaign progress. So you can basicly go anywhere, anytime and you'll get them for destroying enemy.

Promo Points -completing whole campaign, individual campaign objectives, individual missions. Spent on upgrading crew abilities.

You get them acording to how you progress in individual campaign, for every objective and mission completed.

Morale Points - check scripts/data/AI/Events folder. Sinking ships and completing campaign objectives.

Used for crew abilities and sub handling.

Value Points - completing individual campaign objectives. There are always 10 per individual campaign(Total Germany, Happy Times,etc.). They are distributed among the objectives and are presented with crosses(small cross=1VP,big cross=2VP)

Ranking points - Captain(yours) and crew rank. They are used for upgrading experience. You get them by sinking and completing objectives. I think you can check it in data/Cfg/Basic.cfg file.

So as you can see those points are interconnected between themselves.

Example Scapa Flow. There are two posibility to conduct operation:

1. Start in bunker in determined date interval with Scapa mission selected(deadline on campaign objective):
- all points involved and rewarded acordind to mission result.

2. Start on sea in determined date interval(deadline on campaign objective):
-renown points awarded according to succsess
-less or no promo points, because no mission objective completed
-less ranking(exp) points

There are three layers of operation:

1.Mission(Scapa mission-I think it's name is Special P mission)
2.Campaign Objective(Breaking the Fortress)
3.Campaign (Total Germany)

In order to get maximum reward you must start with mission selected, but it is not mandatory, as long you you take into account the deadline for campaign objective(Breaking the Fortress).

There are two facts you must take into account:

Deadline of campaign objective (sept 1939 to oct 1939) - it means that at this time the apropriate objects(ships,planes,zones) will spawn on determined places.
Number of apropriate type of ships sunk in mission zone = 1 - no tonnage, but the bar will fill up.If not, you are not in zone or the target is not the right type.

The reason for starting with mission is also, you get radio messages and other stuff related to objective.

So, why tonnage bar:
- it shows campaign objective progress(tonnage or number of ships sunk)
- you get aditional award points for filling it up(completing campaign objective) or minus points if you faill.
- you get value points for progress in main campaign
- although unrealistic, it gives you purpose and sense of acomplishment when filled.

OHII with tonnage is no different than vanilla. It works on the same principle.

Above is only true if the tonnage bar bug is not present. If you experince the bug then you must manually edit campaign files in save folder.

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