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Default Latest Windows Update's

I'm adding this reply to bring up a critical point regarding the ever changing Windows 10 "Build" and the Updates that keep coming from Microsoft.

As of this date.....May 16, Windows 10 Build number is 17763.503. The latest "Version" is 1809.....installed on my computer 12/13/2018.

What's important for everyone who has a Windows 10 computer is to keep your computer up to date with the latest Updates provided by Microsoft.

This latest set of Updates took about an hour to accomplish, which is something I think everyone should keep tract of.....knowing your system needs an Update, and giving it time to do just that!

Here's the latest update's found on my computer with their "Successfully Installed" Dates. As you can see there were actually four added today:

Two, KB4494441 "Cumulative Updates"

One, KB4497932 "Security Update"

One, KB4499405 "Cumulative Update"

All four done today.

However, to have the "Windows Update" return the following screen of "You're up to date", I had to check twice to let the "Cumulative Update KB4494441" Download/Install before completion. Why? I have no idea, but not until the Cumulative Update KB4494441 was Downloaded twice and the computer Restarted twice did I finally get a current "You're up to date" OK from Microsoft.

This brings up an important point I think a lot of gamers aren't doing....especially when trying to play the SH4 game. Players are not allowing their Windows 10 to Update before sitting down to a gaming session. Most of us have the Windows Update running in the background, to freely Download/Install Updates as they become available. But, we don't check to see if the Update process is occurring before we start using the game. I believe to have your computer NOT to be slowed down when playing SH4, make sure Windows Update isn't running in the background.

Getting a "You're up to date" from Microsoft before executing a game (or any other side program you may wish to use), must be done. And, it's important to check twice, since this latest KB4494441 required two installs before completion. Finish "Updating" before starting other programs that may need all the memory of your computer to function properly.

When playing SH4 with mods like Fotrs Ultimate you'll need all the computer resources you can give it....... making sure you follow the basic ideas in this thread, along with allowing Windows 10 to Update properly will help in keeping this old game running as expected. As a general rule, manually check Windows Update for new downloads every time you start your computer, or before starting a gaming session.

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