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Default 1X play BaseTime Update.....

(Note: This is mainly for those interested in 1X (no time compression) play and/or how 1X play between time compression play affects the timing of the celestial sphere.)

I've been doing some more 1X play experimentation. I currently have my graphics card vertical sync settings set to 1/2 refresh rate of my 60 hz monitor (using nVidia Inspector), so I'm getting 30 fps on my 60 hz display. The 1X accuracy over time appears to be very acceptable. The graphics are just fine at 30 fps. Remember, that this is a 2007 game and some of us were struggling, at the time, to even get up to 30 fps. I have no idea why the developers chose to use celestial sphere timing that appears to be frame rate critical. I think of it like this, the sea is, more or less, a fixed screen display, while the celestial sphere plays somewhat like a "movie" in the background. If there are excess frames per second displayed it appears that the movie plays too fast. Think of it as if the video portion and the soundtrack are out of sync. I've been tracking (1X) sunset, moonset, sunrise, sunset, moonset and so far, all have been within single digit minutes early or late compared to very large (30 to 90 minute to 120 minute) differentials when playing without vertical sync enabled at full frame rate capacity. In my case about average 240 fps (balls-out).
As I've stated before, that high fps differential accumulated during 1X play can affect the day/night, sunrise/sunset, moonrise/moonset cycles so that, theoretically, your own ship appears to be under way in the darkest of night, while the BT clock indicates it should be daylight hours (I'm on a north-south track and I haven't changed BT time zones east-west,) and to your enemies in the game, it IS daylight hours and they can see you! It is out of sync to you, but not to them.
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