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Originally Posted by THEBERBSTER View Post
1) Install Silent Hunter 4 via steam

2) Find the copy of SH4 inside your steam folder like C:\Program Files (x86)\ Steam\steamapps\common\Silent Hunter 4.

3) Now paste the entire Silent Hunter 4 folder somewhere on your hard disk like C:\Games\Silent Hunter 4

4) Rename your Silent Hunter 4 folder to "SilentHunter4". It is important that the name has no spaces.

5) Start the SH4.exe

It is advisable to run your applications as administrators.

Courtesy acknowledgement to ValoWay
Following these instructions to the letter will result in the Steam DRM not allowing you to launch your copied version of 4. My Steam directory is on my D:\. What I would recommend would be following the guide to change your Steam Games library and then creating the copy in that library. You can then name the copied folder what ever you wish, use MultiSH4 and be on your way again.

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