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Default Campaign Map North Atlantic 2004

I recently updated NA2004 after reading of an update here a few days ago. I played an entire campaign yesterday.

What's up with this:

Movement on the campaign map to and from missions seems painfully slow. Maybe I'm just impatient to get where I'm going. :-) Is there a setting that can be tweaked to increase onscreen travel speed while keeping mission times reflective of the distance?

More importantly, while moving about the campaign map, I was frequently dumped into additional blind skirmishes both travelling to mission areas from Holy Loch and from one mission to the next. So much so that I often was unable to get to the mission location before that mission time frame expired, my sub was so full of holes that there was more water inside than outside or I had exhausted my weapons to the point that I didn't have enough left to take on the assigned assets that I was there to deal with.

At one point travelling to the Norwegian Straight from The Russian coast I was dumped into 3 sub intercepts (one had 3 aggressive targets) and two surface vessel engagements. Needless to say I was unable to get to the GIUK in time to intercept my assigned targets and in fact had to abandon the next assigned mission to go back and rearm because I had nothing left except rocks to throw at the enemy.
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