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Default German to English Translations Rankings and Submarine Terms In Silent Hunter III & V

Last updated 27th July 2018
German to English Translations Of Rankings and Submarine Terms In Silent Hunter III & V

ttabsoberbootsmann > Senior Petty Officer
Bootsmann > Petty Officer
Matrosengefreiter > Leading Seaman
Matrosen > Seaman
Auftreff-Winkel > Impingement Angle
Eigenen > Own
Entfernung > Distance to Target
Gegenfahrt > Targets Speed
Gegenfahrt Tafel > Enemy Speed chart
Gegnerkurs > Targets Course
Geradlauf > Straight Running
Grad > Degree
Lage > Position
Lagenwinkel > Position Angle > A.O.B.
Lagewinkel Schätzung > AOB Estimation
Laufstrecke > running distance
Petlung > Bearing
Richtungsanderlung > Of Direction
Schiffspeilung > Own Boats Course
Shubwinkel > Gyro Angle
Streuwinkel > Angle
Tiefe > Depth of Torpedo
Vergrößerung > Magnification
Ziellänge in Metern > Target length in meters
Zielrichtung > Upper > Target Angle to Lower Periscope Bearing

Target Bearing or TB > (Schiffspeilung, Seitenwinkel, or omega ω) > the angle from the bow of the U-boat to the target (0° being the bow of the U-boat).

Angle on the Bow or AOB > (Lagenwinkel or gamma γ) > the angle from the target’s bow that their crew would see you (0° being the bow of the target ship).

Lead Angle > (Vorhaltewinkel or beta β) > the angle ahead of the target bearing that the torpedo or U-boat must run to intercept the target (also called the deflection angle).

Intercept Angle > (Schneidungswinkel or alpha α) > the angle between the target’s course and the torpedo’s track (also equal to 180° – Track Angle).

Track Angle > The angle at which the torpedo will intercept the target (0° being the bow of the target ship).

Gyro Angle > (Schußwinkel) > the angle that the torpedo is programmed to turn once it leaves the U-boat (0° being the bow of the U-boat).

Own Course > (Eigenerkurs) > the true direction the U-boat is traveling (0° being north).

Own Speed > (U-bootgeschwindigkeit) > the speed of the U-boat in knots.

Target Course > (Gegnerkurs) > the true direction the target is traveling (0° being north)

Target Speed > (Gegnergeschwindigkeit or Vg) > the speed of the target in knots

Target Range > (Entfernung) > the distance to the target in meters.

Torpedo Speed > (Torpedogeschwindigkeit or Vt) > the speed of the torpedo in knots.

Firing Range > (Schußweite) > the distance the torpedo will travel to hit the target

Träger und Schlachtschiffe > Carriers and Battleships
Schwere Kreuzer > Heavy Cruisers
Leichte Kreuzer > Light Cruisers
Zerstörer > Destroyer
Korvetten > Corvettes
S-Boot >= Patrol Boats

Courtesy acknowledgement to Toni87 for additional translations.

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