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Default Automation > How To Assign Hotkeys > Part 1

Automation > How To Assign Hotkeys > Part 1

This Tutorial Post #437 covers pictures 1 to 30.

If you have already looked at Tutorial Post #436 you will have an idea of what Automation is and looks like.
This Tutorial is more specific and centre’s on how to Setup and assign the Automation Keys.

There are 4 Automation Keys which can be customized as pre-sets.
Pressing a pre set key in the game will start the selected Script.

Picture 1 > Shows the Automation Icon.

Picture 2 > Shows Control >Automation > Automation Hotkeys has been selected.

Picture 3 > The Right Arrow -> is pressed to move the Script to Activated Scripts.

Picture 4 > When you add a Script it appears in the Activated Scripts column without a border.

Picture 5 > When you press on the Red color the Script adds a Black Rectangular Border.

Picture 6 > Pressing the Start button will Activate the Script by turning it Green.

Picture 7 > The Tutorial Screen now shows.
The Tutorial will not start if you have Game Pause showing.

Picture 8 > Pressing the Play button will start the Tutorial.

Picture 9

Picture 10

Picture 11 > Automation has its own Shortcut Key Shift + V

Picture 12

Picture 13

Picture 14

Picture 15

Picture 16 > In this Tutorial only Hotkey 1 is setup as a default in the OFEV.
To setup the other 3 Hotkeys these have to be pre-set from TDW’s Options File Editor Viewer (OFEV)
I have covered this in Tutorial Post #439.

Picture 17 > Shows the 4 Hotkey Automation Patches in the OFEV.
You can see that only the 1st Automation Key has been Setup.
It is advisable always to use a Shift Key with each pre-set letter being used.
Most Keyboard letters will have already have been Sertup on the Keyboard.
This will depend on which Keyboard you are using > Stock > TWOS > Church’s > Stormy’s.
Pressing F1 on the Keyboard only shows some of the allocated pre-set keys.
Other Keys not showing on the F1 Help screen are hidden and not named on the Keys but some will have been allocated as you will see if you start pressing them when the game is running.
Some will work when the boat is surfaced and others when submerged.

Picture 18

Picture 19

Picture 20

Picture 21

Picture 22

Picture 23

Picture 24

Picture 25

Picture 26

Picture 27

Picture 28

Picture 29

Picture 30

Continued in the next Post #438

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