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Default Automation! > What Is It? > How Does It Work? > Letís Check It Out.

Automation! > What Is It? > How Does It Work? > Letís Check It Out.

Opening up Automation Let's see what the Scripts do in the game.
Are you missing out on a useful set of Tools?
So should you be using Automated Scripts?
This Tutorial will show you how the Automated Scripts are setup in Automation.

Automation to put it simply is a collection of Scripts that have been compiled into different categories to be used as helpful tools depending either on the situation you are currently in or how you wish to use them.
Most are straight forward and others will have a message when you hover your mouse over the Script.
Some are more sophisticated than others as you will see from the titles.

The Automation Panel is broken down into different columns with each column having a heading title.

The Arrows <- -> work in a conventional way.
1 Arrow -> will only move 1 Script.
2 Arrows -> -> will move Multiple Scripts.

This Tutorial will give you a basic guide how Automation works leaving you to discover and investigate how the different Scripts work when they are enabled.
How useful these are I will leave it to you to decide.

Picture 1 > Show the Automation Icon which will open the Automation Panel.

Picture 2 > How the Automation Panel looks when you first open it.
Hovering your mouse over the Titles will give you different information as to what each component does.

Picture 3 >Tutorials > Sub > Part 1 > Shows you 6 available Scripts you can run.

Picture 4 > Tutorials > Sub > Part 2 > Extended from Part 1 shows another 6 Scripts you can run.

Picture 5 > Tutorials > Automation Hotkeys> Further information can be found by hovering your mouse over the Script.
There are 2 Scripts here you can run.

Picture 6 > When the Script is moved to the Activated Scripts by pressing the -> Arrow the Script shows initially in Red.
By clicking on the Script a Black Rectangle will form around the Script.

Picture 7 > Shows the Command Controls.
These work in a similar way as your TV remote control. The mouse is showing that by pressing the -> the Script will Start to Play.

Picture 8 > As this Script is a Tutorial it opens another dialogue screen which will give you the necessary information.
Pressing Play will Start the Tutorial > Pause Game must be off.

Picture 9 > Tutorial How-tos contains 2 available Scripts.

Picture 10 > Control > Automation > Shows 2 available Scripts.

Picture 11 > Automation Hotkeys see the next Post 437 as this has its own Tutorial with much detailed information.

Picture 12 > The Real Navigation Scripts are only used if the Real Navigation Mod has been Enabled in JSGME.
You select a Script which falls within the time showing on your boat.
This needs to be done for each gaming session until you End the Patrol.
The time showing on your boat can be in Nautical or G.M.T.

Picture 13 > Search > Shows the first of 6 Scripts.

Picture 14 > These Scripts can be selected depending where you are positioned.

Picture 15 > Scope search Script.

Picture 16 > Hydrophone search Script.

Picture 17 > 3 Specific Hydrophone Scripts.

Picture 18 > 6 Hydrophone search Scripts at TC64.

Picture 19 > 6 Hydrophone search Scripts at TC128.

Picture 20 > Harbour Pilot Scripts will automatically take you from the Bunker and Scripts that you can use to end your patrol with.

Picture 21 > The Scripts are broken down into 2.
Harbours alphabetically > A to K > L to Z.

Picture 22 > These 2 Scripts you can use to take avoiding action when under attack.

Picture 23 > The Script name says it all.

Picture 24 > Sneak away 180 is very useful after attacking an Escorted Convoy.

Picture 25 > Not sure what to do when under Depth Charge Attack?
This Script might just save your Career.

Picture 26 > More search Scripts from Husk

Picture 27 > More search Scripts from Husk

Picture 28 > More search Scripts from Husk

Picture 29 > More search Scripts from Husk

Picture 30 > More search Scripts from Husk

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