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Default A Pictorial Step By Step Guide Through The Wolves Of Steel (TWOS) Installer

A Pictorial Step By Step Guide Through The Wolves Of Steel (TWOS) Installer

Vecko must be commended for making the installation of his Mega Mod very easy to install players must not forget that there is more to do in the installed documents.
Various PDF instructions must be taken note off for the game not only to be installed fully and correctly but launching the game, setting up your Career, Bunker saves and more all need to be done in a certain way.

Many of the problems posted on the TWOS thread are because players have not bothered to look at the PDF instructions.
Pictures 27,28,29, will draw your attention to these important instructions.

It should be noted that TWOS is 100% reliable even though it has over 100 mods and patches.
Problems occurring after you have installed will undoubtedly be down to something that you have not followed through correctly.
One of the most common mistakes is not updating your game to v1.2 after the initial install.
If you are a culprit of this go to the Support, Gameupdater folder and click on the GU application.

Installer Pictorial Overview

Picture 1 > Shows the downloaded mega mod Zip file.

Picture 2 > More Info shows because the Publisher is Unknown so warns you about proceeding further.
It is possible that your Anti-Virus programme will lock you out until it has inspected it.

Picture 3 > Run Anyway will take you in to the installer.

Picture 4 > Accepting the License Agreement will allow you to start the installation.

Picture 5 > Use the Browse button to find your main game folder or enter a different path.
The installer automatically defaults to the C:\Ubisoft\Silent Hunter 5 path.

Picture 6 > Press Install to start the data installing into your chosen game folder.
The progress bar will start to fill and the data will be seen streaming.

Picture 7 > Microsoft NET Framework 4.0 can be installed if needed by pressing Accept.

Picture 8 > This is essential for those players who currently have the STEAM download installed.
This conversion by pressing Accept will allow TDW’s Generic File Patcher, an essential SH5 application to be used.

Picture 9 > Press Accept will start the Generic Patcher installation.

Picture 10 > Select your language.

Picture 11 > Click on File.

Picture 12 > Click on Open.

Picture 13 > This is the first of 43 prompts you need to accept before the 9 patchers appear.

Picture 14 > Shows the 9 patchers have been installed.

Picture 15 > Click on File.

Picture 16 > Select Restore snapshot.

Picture 17 > Double click on the Snapshot gps file showing.

Picture 18 > Confirmation of patches enabled.

Picture 19 > This is just a screenshot to show some of the enabled patches in patcher number 4.

Picture 20 > Exit the Generic Patcher.

Picture 21 > Direct X 9C is now offered to be installed.
This is only useful if you are running Window platforms earlier than Windows 7.
Your Download or DVD installation will already have automatically installed this version.

Picture 22 > Direct X setup.
Press OK.

Picture 23 > The TWOS Installation has now completed successfully.

Picture 24 > JSGME loads automatically displaying a list of additional optional mods and resolution options.

Picture 25 > These Shortcuts showing in the picture are placed on your desktop.
You can alternatively right click on your mouse and select Pin to taskbar for easier access.
The TWOS Documentation folder shortcut gives you access where you need to look at the Installation instructions so you understand what to do next.

Picture 26 > Shows The Wolves of Steel - Documentation folder in the Main Game folder.

Picture 27 > Shows the installation instructions in PDF’ form which you can download and other useful information which can be found in this Documentation folder.
There is important information here which must not be overlooked.

Picture 28 > Page 1 of the PDF Documentation Setup Notes.
Take note of the Game and Installations Settings section.

Picture 29 > Page 2 of the PDF Documentation Setup
Take note of Launching the game and New Career start.
It is important that you follow these instructions.


To install the Options File Editor Viewer application use the shortcut that you have on your desktop.
I will cover how to install this application for TWOS in the next Tutorial Post.
There is PDF instructions in the Documentation folder.
The OFEV application default path is: C\Ubisoft\Silent Hunter 5\data\Applications\OptionFileEeditorViewer.

A well-deserved courtesy acknowledgement to vdr1981 (Vecko)

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