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Originally Posted by Fxmuster View Post
Is this mod compatible with the latest twos mod?
Originally Posted by W_clear View Post
Compatible with TWoS?!

I have pointed out on several occasions to problems regarding this mod so I'm starting to sound like a broken record at this point...This will be my last detailed post about this subject.

I'm not really sure what do you guys assume by word "compatible" but you should know that Env 15 mod, in addition of some cool looking graphics, will also:
- Destroy submarine smoke exhaust effect
- Add back idiotic stock halo around interactive crew embers and objects
- Significantly reduce game performances and stability.

There is probably more but this is what I got in my 30 minutes testing of this mod in combination with latest TWoS.

The most important thing is that this mod will also cause CTD in my "stress tests", which means that it will mess up some of the hardly achieved stability fixes for CTD problems which were torturing SH5 community for so long. This is the biggest problem involved around this mod which is very unfortunate IMO...

In the end, I really don't want to decide for you guys which mod will you use or not, but you should be aware of consequences.

To cut long story short...Is Enviromental ** MOD compatible with latest TWoS? No, in my opinion it is not, due to previously stated reasons...

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