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Default [REL] German Language Mod for The Wolves Of Steel

New Version 2.0 now online
German Language Mod for The Wolves Of Steel 2.2.13 (updatet on 28.07.2019)


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Hello friends of the submarine Sims,

Since I had some time in the last days I would like to offer the Uboot Community my current MOD Version 2.0

My German translation is now adapted to The Wolves of Steel Version 2.2.13!

About feedback, if there should be problems, I would be grateful because you can not test so many program lines.

The mod is JSGME compatible, you just have to unpack my RAR file (best always use the latest version of WinRar) in the Mod subfolder "TWoS_Parts" from the SH5 game folder then my mod will be displayed in the Generic Mod Enabler.

************************************************** ****************
Neu in Version 2.0

- einige Grammatik Korrekturen

- campaign_radiomessages = Kampagne-Funknachrichten nun in deutsch (Füllfunk für In-Game Atmosphäre noch in Englisch)

************************************************** ****************

currently no compatibility with TWoS Real Navigation AddOn, Real Navigation need extra German Mod File!!!

************************************************** ****************

Um Probleme zu vermeiden, empfehle ich die Mod vor Kampagnenstart zu aktivieren!

To avoid problem I recommend to activate the Mod before starting the campaign!

************************************************** ****************

DOWNLOAD Version 2.0:
RAR File:

Unzip - Info:
(unzip Left Mousebutton double click on my file, than unzip to install folder from Silenthunter 5 in subfolder \TWoS_Parts)

#s3gt_translate_tooltip_mini { display: none !important; }

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