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Hi, Peter

I mentioned Catfish's 12 just in passing; the other players will get their points at the totting up.

But you have illuminated an anomaly (say this after a beer) I hadn't thought of: what to award a player who's whacked a bomb but who hasn't scored anything so far... and I think the fairest way to address this is to give the whac-a-bomb a nominal and middling value of four points for a new unrated player. This means that if that player goes on to whack another bomb (as indeed HW3 has done in this game) they will simply get a doubling of that nominal score of 4.

Here's the state of play so far:

Bomb at post 1411: Catfish gets 12 for his previous whack at post 1400
Bomb at post 1421: Buddababy gets 10 for his previous whack at post 1414
Bomb at post 1443: HW3 scores 4 (no previous whacks)
Bomb at post 1460: Peter gets 14 for his previous whack at post 1451
Bomb at post 1478: HW3 gets 8 for his previous whack at post 1444

I can't see any holes in that (unless HW3 cuts up rough about it) but please forward any comments to the management up the usual tree
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