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Originally Posted by vdr1981 View Post
Any news?
It's fixed!
The problem was with the installation directory. When I installed in on the second machine running W10 on a partition of the C drive (D drive) it also didn't work. Which is strange since it's an entirely different machine so I started looking around and noticed everything installed directly to the root of the drive has the Read Only attribute assigned so when you remove the attribute it works. This is because SH5 writes to a few files on startup (especially with TWoS).

So, all you have to do is change the Read Only attribute. There may be some people who don't need to do this but in my two instances I needed to do this.

The game will error out with 0xc000005 which is the memory allocated for general access violations. The error it was giving was really what I went off of since it's almost entirely narrowing it down.

Anyway, if the game EVER results in that error when running it as admin. It will 100% be fixed if the admin of the computer removes the read-only attribute from the file. Then the player can play the game and enjoy!

Thanks for the help everyone and sorry for the bother!

My ubisoft account was stolen while typing this and they changed my name and **** so if you have a ubisoft account you most certainly want to enable two-factor authentication. This makes it so ONLY the user who owns your cell phone can login as a second password is required. My password was 16 random letters and numbers so my guess is that Ubisoft had their accounts stolen just now as no one could guess that and I don't have any viruses on my computer as I don't download anything besides steam games and ****

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