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Default How To Use Fat Torpedoes In Silent Hunter 5

Last updated 1st May 2018
How To Use Fat Torpedoes In Silent Hunter 5

Set up the usual torpedo parameters on the TDC screen (running depth, pistol type etc;
Picture 1. Toggle Fat/LuT mode.

1 > Click the small button labelled 'FaT' above the torpedo indicator light.
2 > Set the Straight run length -- how long the torpedo will travel in a straight line before entering the ladder pattern.
3 > Set the 2nd gyro angle -- the orientation of the pattern (either 90 starboard or 90 port).
4 > Set the leg -- the length of each leg of the ladder (either 800 m or 1800 m).
5 > Click the 'FaT' button again to switch back to the other torpedo settings.

Tips for effective use:
Use against convoys.
Fire from abeam (i.e., perpendicular to the course of the target) since the 2nd gyro angle can only be a right angle.
Aim to hit the target during the initial straight run.

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