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Originally Posted by Kendras View Post
Excellent news ! How did you manage to solve this issue ? :hmm2
Not sure what was the problem.

I replaced the materials previously used, with other materials copied from units which had the specular mask enabled and working. Even in their new location, those new materials worked as supposed. I then edited their properties, names, flags, texture linking etc, one by one, for making them to resemble the buggy materials. By doing so, I hoped that at some point I would have discovered the 'bad' setting which caused the corruption but, at the end of the story, I found myself with materials apparently identical to the old ones, except for the fact that they still worked and the originals didn't

I suspect that the materials initially used were corrupted in a way that s3d couldn't detect (I am not sure, but I might have copied them from a file which had been "manually" tweaked with an hex editor), or perhaps those materials had nothing wrong, but there is some 'hidden' material flag which is a 0 by default and must be set to 1 for the material to accept specular reflections. The old materials might have had this flag disabled, and the new ones enabled. The good thing about S3ditor is that it is able to create exact copies of chunks/addresses even when it doesn't fully understands/handles them

Originally Posted by Kendras View Post
And is this modifying the aspect in game ?
Sure it does!

I wish I could take some screenies: I am currently tweaking/balancing material attributes; for making things more obvious, I have replaced diffuse texture's RGB channel with solid medium grey, and I can clearly see how the underlying specular mask affects the texture depending on luminosity level and sun angle.

Originally Posted by Kendras View Post
BTW, here is the new halo effect, so you can try it directly in your game !

D/L link :

I have modified it a bit compared to the last picture :

I would gladly test it, and incorporate it in the upcoming new version of the mod, but can see no link

Originally Posted by Kendras View Post
Gap, could you send me the grey scale used by Terrain Editor ? I intend to convert the maps I've found into maps with SH3 bathymetric colors.
You don't need the grey scale: you have it already

That's exactly the chart you had posted a few days ago, but with tones of grey replacing shades of blue, and grey values used for water going from 0 to 47. From it, I get that a grey value of 46 (R=46, G=46, B=46) is equal to -17 m, a value of 45 is equal to -18 m, and so on.

The 'shallowest' grey tone is 47, but its corresponding depth is not provided in your chart. I have included that value in my Ile de Sein terrain modification (for waters surrounding the island to the South IIRC), but I couldn't notice the side effect you told me. Did you? Maybe I should add a bigger spot of grey-47 on SHIII's elevation map for you to measure what is its corresponding depth in game, as -17 is a bit too deep for simulating the very shallow waters we want to put in game
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