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Originally Posted by Kendras View Post
I agree!

We can model the rocks between the Pointe du Raz and La Vielle in game... as 3D models this time
Lighthouses are there for signaling dangers and showing the safest ways. There is no point in having them in place, if there is no danger to be avoided

Changing of topic: while I wait for your answers to my other remarks, here is an update relative to the light effect problem I described before:

Originally Posted by gap View Post
I have noticed a weird glitch: when seen from a distance, the smooth borders of the light particle become partly opaque, and I see a semi-transparent square with the light flash painted on it, where I should se a totally smooth transition from full light to the sky color. I will investigate if this error is caused by my changes but I doubt that
Unfortunately, after some tests, I must say that I was wrong: the problem is caused by the missing RaYTracedHalo controller.
I am sure I have seen other lighthouse flare effects in SH5m SHIV and SHIII, which don't use that controller. Could we modify those particle effects for use with our lighthouse? Can you please look into the issue while I give the last touch ups to our model? The light reflections on water are too a cool feature for simply give it up and you are the king of SHIII special effects, I know you will invent something
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