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Originally Posted by gap View Post
Exactly, 256 shades of grey, each shade being a different height. Indeed, we need to know how many meters below the sea level each shade corresponds to. We don't have this information, all I can say righ away is that sea areas are marked with values from 0 to 47, and land areas go from 48 to 255 (0 being the deepest trench and 0 the highest peak)
Knowing how deep is that point in game, we can build our own chart with grey values on a column and depths in meters on the other column. I can imagine that there is a linear correlation between grey values and height values, so we don't have to repeat the process 256 times: two or three well space measures, maybe four to stay on the safe side, will be enough to plot a line which will tell us what is the right grey value for the (approximate) depth we want
Precisely, the scale is not linear. A few months ago, I determined for almost all submerged pixels the exact depth, by changing colors of the scale (red-yellow-blue ... in order to distinguish between each depth) and putting land units on each depth in Mission Editor to know the exact depth.

Here is the scale :


Originally Posted by gap View Post
Knowing that the globe is divided in 180 x 360 = 64,800 elevation squares having a resolution of 126 sq. pixels each, and that the three most external pixels on each side of each square are 'redundant'
Now, here is my idea : instead of searching the exact depth of each pixel (14400 for each square !) in Google Earth, let's take the map with red to blue scale I've posted, and convert into grey scale with the SH3 own scale, then apply to the SH3 map.

After that, I think we have to correct also the 3 pixels borders of the 9 squares around.
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