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This past week (June 12th) a new update for my Windows 10 version 1607, the "Anniversary Edition" was introduced to my computer. Microsoft is calling it the "Creators Update". After a lengthy download, all was fine with running Windows. Upon checking my "System" Windows 10 version, I see the new version is 1703, with a present build of 15063.332.

I then decided to check my SH4 game by attempting to run it. I got through the opening Ubisoft Video's but then blank......the screen went black, nothing happening. After several minutes I opened "Task Manager" with the old Ctrl+Alt+Del keys and canceled the SH4 loading. Tried it again, same blank screen after the loading video's.

I then went to my games "main" folder and right clicked the "sh4.exe" file to open the "Properties" tab. From there I opened the "Compatibility" tab.

I ran the compatibility troubleshooter:

After some time of churning, the following screen appeared as if to say "I found something, you want to try it"?

I clicked the box:

Windows must have added whatever thing it figured to do, because I then was presented with the following screen where I was asked to "Test the Program":

As the above screen showed, the troubleshooter decided the best answer was to set the game into "Compatibility" mode using Vista (Service Pack 2). Up to this point, my Windows 10 worked flawlessly with the game, without any intervention to its "Properties".

Upon clicking the "Test" button, the game cranked up again, this time opening to the "Main Menu" screen. I ran a quick test Campaign, we were in business.

Upon closing out of the game, I was asked to "Save" the new settings:

At the end, I was greeted with the following screen:

Whatever the new version of Windows 10 required, the answer was to run the game in a specific "Compatibility" mode. The OS Troubleshooter worked better than expected, and the game seems to load even faster than before!

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