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Hi all

Thank you for your im portant information to the new Windows Updates (includig the new Grafik-Driver updates from Nvidia/Amd).

In fact: Since Microsoft release first (beta) Creators Update for W10 lots of players have problem now to start LSH3 with additional WS-GUI (Game load, sounds well but only black screen).
Since a view weeks i know also about problem by W7(!) in combination newest Grafik-Drivers as well!

Dear Harm,
the great widescreen GUI-Mods "Ahnenerbe" and "MaGUI" ar NOT comparable with the LSH3 widescreen GUI conception.

Both use other (older) d3d9.dll and both use differen d3d9.ini settings as LSH3. Only Ahnenerbe use the real HD res 1920x1080, great work but the one and important real scalling problem in game (Maps/Grids and stuff) still not solved yet.

Our goal is to mod the "whole" SH3 game conten "full scalable" up to 1920x1080! Hauptman works on it.


My advice to once who have unecpectet problems with WS now (game load, sounds OK but only black screen) is:

1. Deinstall the damn "W10 Creators update"
2. And/or reinstall an older but working Grafig-Driver (here Nvidia facts)

382.05 NO 4.5.2017
381.89 NO 25.4.2017
381.65 NO 6.4.2017
378.92 YES Der aktuellste der 70er Reihe 20.3.2017
376.33 YES 14.12.2016
352.63 YES Von Sieke getestet. 29.4.2015

Another hot hint is to change the (width) resollution from 1360px up to 1366px! Try this - change the:

1. Open "d3d9.ini" (file iclude in every LSH3 v15 WS GUI) in texteditor...
2. Change Line 12 "DisplayWidth=1360" to "DisplayWidth=1366"
3. Save and reactivate the WS Mod

Right now we know that this works by some of our tester!


All in all, we need more information and more feedback from all who have this "MS update problem" right now!

In fact we cant release "LSH3 Edition 2017" before we dont know exactly what the problem is.

Thanx for all who give us newset informations about!

Best regards from Urmel :-)
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