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After a long time of absence, other RL projects, games, etc. I am back again at Silent Hunter. Since switching from Linux to Windows annoys, I have once again adopted this topic.

And what can I say, it finally works!

SHIII, LSHIII 2015 + Ahnenerbe WideGui 1920 x 1080 Final

My current System:
Linux Mint 18.1 Serena
Play on Linux
Wine 2.0.1
Nvidia Graphics-Driver


Preparations - Basics
  • Install PlayOnLinux and the wine-stable Package
  • Make a new Bottle for the Game -> Windows7 64bit.
  • Install the game as specified in the description on WineHQ.
  • Configure your Bottle - (For me this was the decisive step):
    • Wine -> Configure Wine (winetricks) -> Library -> DLL Overrides:
      • Set d3d9 to Native, then Builtin
  • Test the Game(Window- or FullScreen-Mode)
If it works, go to the next steps. If not, play around with Wine, POL and Your Graphics-Drivers.

Next Steps:
  • Download and Install LSHII as specified.
  • Install the three Patches for LSHIII.
  • Setup the Mod and the additions like SHIII Commander, HSIE, etc.
    • For me, the internal WideScreenMod does not work
    • Diesel Mod in HSIE crashes the Game
  • Test the Game again without the internal WideScreenMod-> do the Practise.
  • If its ok -> Proceed. If not, check Your Installation
  • Activate the WideSreenMod from Ahnenerbe
Looking back, these are all the steps - Enjoy


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