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Default Why Does My 4K TV Show 4K At 60Hz But Only 1440P At 30Hz?

Why does my 4k TV show 4k at 60Hz but only 1440P at 30Hz?

Extracts from Internet discussions.
I have the same tv 40ub8000 and not only i can have 1080p 1440p, 1600p @60fps but i can put them at 77fps (can you say overclocking? ).

The only trick is to put your resolution at 1080p then from there create the customs resolutions.

So the ones that fit the screen the screen best are the 1080p and 1440p @77hz.

Unfortunately you cannot overclock the screen on 4k.
When you are at 1440p, the TVs information will still say it is at 1080p

I just set the resolution to 1080p and then made a custom 1440p one in the Nvidia Controll Panel and set the refresh rate to 60 and it stuck!

Play tested Assassins Creed Unity and the 1440p resolution option is now available at 60hz.

I set the AA to TXAA and it looks gorgeous and i gained 15-20 fps and saving 300-400 mb of Vram!
i have a completely different phillips 55 inch 4k TV.

Acknowledgment to John (SS Norholm)

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