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Default Tycho Sh3 Patch

Tycho Sh3 Patch

This is "sh3.exe" patch, that change some bytes values in the file, to give you control over things, that is not possible through usual modding.
It is compatible with everything, but if you use "H.Sie patch" and "Stiebler add-on", "TychoSh3Patch" must be installed last.
This patch will not work by default with Steam version of the "sh3.exe"! In order to use it, you must first apply "H.Sie patch".



This patch will change your "sh3.exe" file.
You have to follow some rules, to avoid possible problems:
1. Archive and keep somewhere safe your original "sh3.exe" file.
2. There are other patches, that make changes to the "sh3.exe" file, like "Hardcode fixes (H.Sie)" and "Add-on for hardcore fixes (Stiebler)", install these before my patch.
3. When you are dealing with such patches, you must always start from original "clean" "sh3.exe" file.
Here I think of four variants:
  • Your SH3 is not Steam version, and you do not use "H.Sie fixes" and "Stiebler add-on": you take your original "sh3.exe" and patch it with my patch.
  • You use "H.Sie fixes": you take your original "sh3.exe" and patch and set-up it according to H.Sie's instructions. After that you copy this already patched "sh3.exe" file and patch it with my patch.
  • You use "H.Sie fixes" and "Stiebler add-on": you take your original "sh3.exe" and patch it with "H.Sie fixes", then patch and set-up it with "Stiebler add-on", according to Stiebler's instructions. After that you copy this already patched "sh3.exe" file and patch it with my patch.
  • If you use the Steam version of the game. You must first use the "Hardcode fixes (H.Sie)" before my patch. "Add-on for hardcore fixes (Stiebler)" is optional, but also before my patch.

How to install:


Download link
Extract the "WorkFolder", there must have four files:
  • binpatch.exe
  • Remove.bat
  • TychoSh3Patch.bat
Copy your "sh3.exe" file and paste it here, in "WorkFolder".
Start the file: "TychoSh3Patch.bat"
After "sh3.exe" is patched, copy the file back to the game folder (or mod-folder for JSGME install).

Many things in this patch are colors, so the colors are picked according to my personal preferences, and to fit with my installation.
It also come with two additional files (again, my personal preferences), ready for JSGME install:
- "StrTactMap.tga", transparent layer over the map that is supposed to give feeling of paper.
- "Terrain.act", map colors gradient, determines colors on map for different water depths and different terrain highs.
You can use this JSGME ready folder to install already patched sh3.exe. Put it before the "data" folder and activate it with JSGME.

How to edit (if you want personal adjustments):


Many things in this patch are colors, so you can change the colors to your desire. It is very simple, but you must know or learn, what the hex values are.
The file "" contain all the changes. This is text file, open and edit it with notepad.
You will see many lines, like:
000AA535: 88 ff
000AA536: 55 18
000AA537: 55 1d
000AA538: 55 ba
This is: Go to address: 000AA535, original byte: 88, change to byte: ff
Do not change the address and original byte!!!
All other lines that start with @@@ or # are comments, and don't do anything. These are used to describe and separate things.
If you edit the patch yourself, and for example, in process of testing different colors, you want to change something, don't patch already patched "sh3.exe", always start from unpatched by "TychoSh3Patch" copy.
Or first use the "Remove.bat" file, to reverse the changes.

Example for change colors:
You must first know the hex value for desired color.
Most graphic editors have field for the color in hex values. If not, the internet is full of such converters.

Then, the words in ".exe" file are in reverse order, you need to read backwards.
If your color choice is RGBA: 1F45B4FF
In .exe it must be ABGR: FF B4 45 1F
Be careful, to not change a byte value itself, B4 must stay B4 not 4B.
So, in "" you edit it, like:
000AA535: 88 ff
000AA536: 55 b4
000AA537: 55 45
000AA538: 55 1f

Some options in "" are in disabled form, have "@@@" in front of the addresses. These are strictly for modders or in case of "a.g. mouse sensitivity patch", you must choose one of the options, and to uncomment only it:
  • Because it is more easy to patch it all in one, my patch also contain "a.g. mouse sensitivity patch": Subsim Thread.
    But for you it is in disabled form, all addresses line are commented with "@@@". Choose your desired slow down speed, then delete the "@@@" in front of the four addresses lines below.
  • Patch for default hardcoded scopes reticle is also in disabled form, because it is highly GUI dependant. If your GUI modder tell you so, delete the "@@@" in front of the addresses lines to get rid of these reticle.
  • Patch for extended map render is only if the GUI is HD and is set-up for this, otherwise is not needed, so in disabled form. To activate it, delete the "@@@" in front of the addresses lines.
  • You can disable/enable other options this way, just put or remove "@@@" in front of the addresses.

All my changes!!!

I - Colors:


1. Map border lines:
Nothing important here, map border lines are the three lines (one with two pixels and two with one pixel), that are placed around the map.

2. Map scale lines:
These are the lines, that appear on more close zoom, when the map zoom level goes from km to meters. I don't like that, prefer more clear map.



3. Map scale numbers:
Nothing important here, these are colors for the digits and letters, that are used on map scale legend.

4. Equator and Greenwich lines:

5. Grid lines:
The colors of the lines, that form the Kriegsmarine grid system.

6. Grid letters and numbers:
The colors of the letters and digits, that are used for the Kriegsmarine grid system.

7. Map tools drawing:
The colors of the lines, that are drawing by the map tools. These are for when you draw or when you point something with the tool.

8. Map tools already drawn:
The colors of the lines, that are drawn by the map tools. These are for when are already drawn and just stay on the map.

9. Map tools highlight:
The colors of the lines, that are drawn by the map tools. These are for when you choose the tool, then all that is drawn by this tool will be highlighted with this color.

10. Course line highlight:
Color for highlighting the course line between boat and 1st waypoint.





II - Settings:


1. StrTactMap.tga:
This gives you the opportunity to adjust StrTactMap.tga opacity.

2. Long/Lat degrees label:
When the map zoom is on km level, the scales on the borders of the map represent longitude and latitude in degrees.
This will add numbers to these degrees, so it is now very easy to define geographic coordinates.

3. Map tools, number of decimal digits:
These gives you the opportunity to choose, how many digits you want after decimal point. That give you precision of measuring distances and angles.
Originally, for the tools are allowed only one digit after decimal point. This way, incorrect distances are showing.
For example between 250 and 300 meters you will see 0.3, now with 3 digits after decimal, it will be: 0.274



4. Ruler line scale-rhombs:
These are the rhombs, that are placed on the ruler line, to distances equal to the map scale. My choose is to get rid of these.



5. Sizes of begin\end - mark\arrow of the tools:
Marker mark size, ruler line start and end with cross "+", compass line start with "+" and end with arrow ">"...., the size for these things.

6. Expand Nav and Attack maps render limit:
From 1024x1024 to 2048x2048. In disabled form, because it is highly GUI dependant. To activate it, uncomment the addresses lines.
This only expand the limits. For desired resolution you set-up the "maps.cfg" file.

7. Scopes reticle:
Default hardcoded scopes reticle. In disabled form, because it is highly GUI dependant. Complete freedom, to make whatever reticle you want through ".tga" file.

UZO, this is not possible without "sh3.exe" editing:

8. Sea foam below 9 m/s:
Gives you the opportunity to choose, from what wind speed to start showing the sea foam.

9. Fixed intersection between upgrade page, equip option "none" and weather report, fog state "none".

Change the equip option "none" from string "4100=" to string "2800=" in en_menu.txt
Now you can have whatever weather report format you prefer, and this will not look strange in the upgrade page.

Bonus, my weather report format:

;; 3-Fog
4100=, Vis. good
4101=, Vis. moderate
4102=, Vis. bad
4103=, Vis. zero

;; 1-Clouds
4110=Blue sky
4111=Partly cloudy

;; 2-Rain
4121= (rain)
4122= (rain squall)

4128=%s%s%s|Wind speed: %d m/s, direction %3d

10. a.g. mouse sensitivity patch:
Gives you the opportunity to choose the mouse sensitivity. In disabled form, because it is highly dependant of your mouse and its settings.

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