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Thank you too all guys for your kind works

Originally Posted by hauangua View Post
Hi makman94
great work mate. but I have a question
how should I install exactly?
I have NYGM with Stiebler4C I think so:
-visual sensor Nygm then open your AI sensor for Stiebler 4C folder changeAI_Sensor_Nygm.dat to AI_Sensor.dat and where I have to copy the new files? in Your sub-folder "Library" of "visual sensor for NYGM

update :
Read on subsim forum and Solved
hi Hauangua,
just to make it clear for others that may be confused
you are right at your steps for those who are using Stiebler's patch on NYGM

1. pick up AI_Sensor_Nygm.dat and change its name to AI_Sensor.dat
2. open the ''M.E.P v6 - VisualSensors for NYGM 3.6F'' and ,in there, replace the AI_Sensor.dat with the AI_Sensor.dat from the above step
3. Enable 'MEP v6' and ''M.E.P v6 - VisualSensors for NYGM 3.6F''
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