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wolf_howl15 SH5 Liberty Ship for SH3


After many hours of work and tests, I'm pleased to release this Liberty ship converted from SH5. It replaces the one you already have in your stock game files, so they will appear in your campaign !

Features :

- Very nice and detailed model from SH5 ! Strange light reflections corrected by the_frog.

- The ship can break in two parts.

- All guns' and searchlights' nodes fixed, traverse parameters all corrected.

- Reworked cargos : tanks and trucks correctly scaled, reworked textures, new aircrafts (Wildcats), biggest load of crates and oil barrels. The ship's deck is now fully loaded with special nodes. To change the cargo type, you have to change the "loadout definition", the "external storage" is no more working. By default, the deck is loaded with crates.

- Textures reworked by me.

- Detailed flag (by Testpilot).

D/L link : ........


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