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Default [REL] Silent Hunter 4 Corruption Management System (SH4CMS)


SH4CMS v1.5 is hereby released! Some goodies I've added:

  • It can now make or fix an Op Monsun installation
  • It can make or fix a We Dive at Dawn installation
  • It makes or fixes a custom ModTest installation
  • It can now repair your original Wolves of the Pacific directory, since many players use that exclusively
  • I have substituted MultiSH4 v1.5 for the old version formerly used.

Enjoy everyone and thank you for all the great suggestions!

Rockin Robbins

This project is the result of a long conversation between THEBERBSTER, Webster, the FOTRSU Mod Team, Ducimus (in absentia, but a vital part), and some others. With my previous thread, Tutorial: Make an SH4 lockbox and independent game installations, I had worked out the theory of handling mod soup. But the longer the thread got, the more complicated it got, to the point that a few good friends asked me whether it was worth the effort to document something of use to only a few advanced computer users.

And it hit me: what if everybody could use the tools, and those with an interest could also find out how and why it worked? I began working on a collection of scripts that could take a newly installed Silent Hunter 4 installation, make a protected lockbox of pristine game files and use those to eliminate ANY game corruption from ANY SOURCE and ANYBODY could use it! I announced what I was working on and then wondered how I could possibly do that.

So here it is! The Silent Hunter 4 Corruption Management System, SH4CMS for short. Instructions are in the Subsim Download area and complete instructions are in a PDF file included in the download. Read carefully. This is a very powerful system and that means that it gives you the power to do great harm especially if you modify the script files. But it's the end of Silent Hunter 4 game corruption, no matter what the nature, no matter what the cause, mod soup or otherwise. You don't have to understand what went wrong. You don't even have to care. In 10 minutes you load up your last save and continue playing with a guaranteed completely fixed game and as if nothing had ever happened.

Why is it here and not in the mods forum? Well, probably because SH4CMS is not a mod. It's a utility toolkit which does not become part of the game as a mod does. That makes it appropriate to publish the toolkit in this forum in order to avoid confusion.

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