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Originally Posted by kevinsue View Post
hello Peter, I usually make changes with the OFEV without disabling any mods. Just make sure to use the correct file..C:\Ubisoft\Silent Hunter 5\data\Scripts\Menu\ and overwrite this file to save any new changes. You just have to remember to copy and paste this saved file back into the MODS folder C:\Ubisoft\Silent Hunter 5\MODS\1. The Wolves of Steel 1.06\data\Scripts\Menu if you want to reactivate the mod and keep the changes made with the OFEV. Just another way to achieve the same thing
I also like to use directly OFEV.exe placed in data folder of the main game installation (Silent Hunter 5/data/Applications/OFEV.exe) for quick "in-fly" changes without mods disabling. Of course , in this case the path for Menu.txt and files should be set accordingly...
I didn't mention this possibility in my instructions because most of TWoS players don't know a thing about SH files dependencies and those who know will figure out this for them selves pretty quickly.

Note Kevin that it is not recommend to simple copy/paste options file. You have Options File Migration tool for that...
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