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Default Silent3Ditor Configurator (S3D-CFG)



S3D-Configurator – extension to customize the editor for each version (III, IV, V) Silent Hunter. S3D CFG will allow to adjust in one click the S3D for desired version of the SH.


  1. Provides a set of controllers in SH5. Will allow to edit Silent Hunter files of the 5 version: *.prt *.fx *.val *.cam *.zon *.sim *.dsd *.dat
  2. Set of SH4 controllers, including changes and additional controllers.
  3. Set of SH3 controllers, removing the excess. Including changes and additional controllers.
  4. Only original S3D (version 0.9.9) controllers - rollback of all changes.
  5. Useful information for mod about some of the operators in all the Silent Hunter's.

“What gives SH5-configuration unlike Goblin Editor?”
A - familiar convenient control ID-numbers in an intuitive S3Dditor, visibility relations "parent – child"

“Why have divided into separate configurations of SH3, SH4?”
A - In each configuration there will be a set of controllers which are relevant for a specific version (for example: in SH3 configuration removed the SH4 controllers). And also: I took into account the appropriate settings of some operators for the different versions of the game Silent Hunter (See the SH-source documentation.pdf for more details).

  • Changes of hierarchy of controllers in S3D – for convenience and order, I divided the controllers in appropriate groups: SH3, SH4, SH5.
    Note/exception: group SH5-controllers to be included in the unit SH3, SH4:
  • Some changes of former controllers (e.g. fixed known bug with sensors in the controller obj_Sensor.)
  • Added new controllers. In a total quantity added / edited about 50 controllers.
    Controllers implemented on the basis of information from the *.act, *.dll, *.exe files.

Disclaimer: Use at your own risk. Distribution, commercial use and or (re)selling of this program are prohibited.


Special thanks: Skwasjer (Great mod-tool for SilentHunter - S3D).
Anvart (AnimatedTexture, TextUnits, ShiftTexture, EventCamera controllers).


Run the installer from the archive. Install into the main directory of the S3D program (Silent 3ditor). Use Browse button to select the destination folder from the folders tree: .../skwas/Silent 3ditor.


After installing, delete the old label (shortcut) Silent 3Ditor from the Desktop. Take the first S3D start from the root folder and then create a new one (if you need it on your desktop).



Editing *.prt *.fx files:

The *.prt *.fx files will not appear in the list of the available Silent 3Ditor files. The program will not work directly with these files (extensions of source files written in S3D.exe © skwas), but you can edit them using the following method:

Rename / append file extension available (.sim .dat .val .cam .zon), save the changes and edit this in S3D. After editing change expansion at initial *.prt *.fx .


(updated 02-25-2017)

Have fun using S3D with S3D-CFG!

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