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What an unexpected and pleasant surprise to wake up to this morning. I'm so glad that you found the time to complete this excellent mod. I installed it with JSGME and everything installed correctly into The Wolves of Steel 1.05 with update No.15.

The problem is that with SkyBaron's ENIGMA v1.0 for TWoS installed, I am no longer able to activate Speech Recognition_MiTons_NewUI_Editon_v0.4.1_english.

Normally when the Speech Recognition button is pressed, the game momentarily freezes and then when the button is pressed again, speech recognition is active. With ENIGMA v1.0 installed the Speech Recognition button lights up immediately with no momentary freeze but no commands are heard.

It makes no difference which of these mods is installed last, with the Enigma mod installed, Speech recognition does not work. When I uninstall the Enigma mod with JSGME, Speech recognition works correctly again. I've tried this a number of times with the same results.

I've had a look through the files of both mods but have not been able to find anything that might be causing this conflict although searching through files like Page, it would be easy to miss something. I'm sure it's bound to be something simple.

I hope we can find a resolution as both of the mods IMHO are in the "must have" category and will be surely icing on the cake for Vecko's excellent TWOS megamod.


After getting a blister on my finger scrolling through .py and .ini files I decided to switch off each file one at a time in the mod and reinstall to try to isolate which file was in conflict. Turns out the conflict was in the menu_1024_768.ini. The issue was solved by adding a line which appears to have been omitted to the end of the file: SkyBaron's ENIGMA v1.0 for TWoS\data\Menu\Pages\menu_1024_768.ini

ADD this line to the end of the file: 103=6F;Speech Recognition

And also change the GroupsNo=102 under [Main groups and pages] to GroupsNo=103

With this tiny fix, both of these excellent mods are now working perfectly together. Wow...a fully functional Enigma machine, Speech Recognition and The Wolves of Steel...old SH5 just gets better and better!
Best Regards....Kev*

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