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Default A.O.B. Angle Charts Off 90 Degrees

A.O.B. Angle Charts Off 90 Degrees.

A.O.B. Angles Off 90 is really 1 Chart in 2 Parts.
These 2 Charts will allow you how to see the A.O.B. quickly at any given Angle when the U-Boatís Course to the Targetís Course Line is set at 90ᴼ to it.

Option 1.
Placing the Ruler on the U-Boatís centre to the Targetís centre and reading the Navigation Map Bearing Compass will show the A.O.B. position at that point on one of the Charts.

Option 2.
Using the Periscopeís Bearing on the Target and then using the Chart will give the A.O.B. Angle at that point.
This can then be put manually into the TDC.
I would suggest adding 1 to allow for the time it takes to do this.

Picture 1 > Chart 1 Starboard.

Picture 2 > Chart 2 Port.

Note 1.

The Periscope Bearing and the A.O.B. are automatically controlled by the TDC when the Target is Locked.
This can be seen by the Gyro Angle 000 movement in the periscope Station and in the Attack Map F6 by the 2 Lead Angles Dials changing.
The Speed is usually constant but needs to be entered manually or updated in the TDC.
The Range while not important in a fast 90 shoot needs to be entered manually or updated by using the Stadimeter if shooting at a different Range.

Note 2.
It is recommended that these charts are copied and pasted so that they can be printed for easy reference.

Note 3.
Download Option.

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