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Default Finding The Targets Speed 1 Minute Method.

Finding The Targets Speed 1 Minute Method.

You will need an independent Timer of some sort for this as the Widescreen GUI does not have one that can be used in the Navigation Station.

Picture 1 > Open up the Navigation Map F5 with the Mouse Scroll Wheel.
Use the Pause Game > Back key.
Use the Arrow keys if you need to move the Map.
With the Marker place an X Mark on the Targetís Bow.
Now using the Back key > Un-Pause Game > Start the Timer.

Remember to have the Navigation Map opened up before you use > Pause Game again.

Picture 2 > When the Timer reaches 1 Minute use the > Pause Game Back key again.
With the Marker Tool place an X Mark on the Targetís Bow.

Picture 3 > Take the Compass Tool and measure the distance from X to X.
The picture shows the Target moved 200 metres in 1 minute.

The Target has traveled 200 metres in 1 minute.

Calculation > 200 Metres x 60 Minutes in an hour = 12,000 Metres = 12km.
To Convert Kilometres Per Hour (KPH) to Knots divide by 1.85
12,000/1000 = 12km/1.85 = 6.48 knots = 6 Knots.

Picture 4 >The TDC has calculated 6 Knots.
It should be noted that using this 1 Minute method is not as accurate as using a longer time period but can be very useful where time is important.

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