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Default Plotting From The Dock Through The Lock Gates.

Plotting From The Dock Through The Lock Gates.

Picture 1 > Click on the > Tool Helper Question Mark > ?

Picture 2 > Start Plotting a course to one of the > Lock Gates.

The one I am going to use is the easiest as it gives you plenty of maneuverability.
The U-Boat will not move until you release the > Plotting Tool.

Picture 3 > Plotting to the Lock Gates Entrance.

Picture 4 > Plotting in to the Lock.

Picture 5 > Releasing the Plotting Tool by Right clicking the Mouse Button automatically starts the U-Boat.

The U-Boat’s speed defaults to > Ahead Standard so may need to be reduced to a slower speed.

Picture 6 > Swastika on Escort.
Binoculars Short Cut > B key or use the Mouse Scroll Wheel.

Picture 7 > As the U-Boat gets closer to the Lock Gates you will have plenty of room to use the > Plotting Tool to readjust your alignment if necessary.

Picture 8 > Shows the Lock Gates Closed.

I have reduced my Speed to > Ahead Slow 3 knots.
Always approach the Lock Gates at a Slow Speed and be prepared to put your boat in > Reverse so you do not hit the Gates and damage your boat.
The Lock Gates are timed so just because you are there they will not open until you hear the Horn sound.
You can observe the Lock Gates at the other end of the Lock through your Binoculars to see how long you may be waiting.
A little TC can be used to help speed things up.

Picture 9 > I am at 0 knots but am still moving very slowly.

I have allowed enough distance so I will not hit the Gates.
I have only Plotted the course a short distance inside the Lock.
I am on the Map > F5 and I could choose to use the Eraser and remove the Plotted course and then use the Rudder to take the Boat in manually!

Picture 10 > Maybe I could have been a bit closer?

I will still have plenty of time to enter before the Lock Gates close again.
You will hear a Horn sound when this is going to happen.

Picture 11 > Lock Gates are starting to open > Start up the Diesels.

Select a speed depending on how far away from the Lock Gates you are.
Do not wait for the Lights to change color.
Move your Boat as soon as you see the Gates start to open.
If you are close to the Gates and you rush in at high speed you will hit the Gates at the other end before you either go to > All Stop or have time to Reverse your Boat.

Picture 12 > The Lock Gates are fully Open and it is officially > Green to enter.

I am closing at 7 knots and as I enter will go to > All Stop Short Cut @ key (EN keyboards).

Picture 13 > The Boat is in the Lock and I have gone to > Reverse to slow it down.
You need to remember that the Lock Gates in front of you open inwards towards you, so leave some room.

Picture 14 > Reverse view.

Picture 15 > Lock Gates Opening > Ahead Slow ordered.

Picture 16 > Speed increased to Ahead Standard while passing through the Gates.

Lock Gates > Reverse view.

Note 1.

Sometimes when you put the Telegraph to a Forward Speed nothing happens.
If this occurs put the Telegraph into a Reverse Speed and when you see there is some movement beginning to happen immediately go to a Forward Speed and the Boat should respond.

Note 2.
When returning to a Port with Lock Gates it is not necessary to go through the Locks to Dock unless you want to.
Before reaching the Lock Gates use the Esc key.
Select > Exit Patrol
Select Dock at ?

Go to the next Tutorial.

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