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Default It's Time To Start Patrol 2.

It's Time To Start Patrol 2.

Picture 1 > Click on the Map to > Start Mission.

Picture 2 > At the start of any New Mission you are always given the Option to change your > Game Play Realism Settings.

Picture 3 > Click on Start to Load the Mission.

Important information.
Note that the Game loading process can take 3 to 10 minutes or even more time depending on your systemís capabilities.

The Loading Bar will appear to have frozen near its end, this is quite normal and you just need to be patient.
It is highly unlikely that you will have a freeze but a crash can happen usually when the bar has passed the 50% point.
If this happens reload the game again from the > Main Game Menu > SH3Commaner Application.

Continual Game Loading crashes indicates that there is a > OS Compatibility problem.

Go to the next Tutorial.

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